Standard Fees

  • £590: individual income over £40,000 pa
  • £490: individual income over £25,000 pa
  • £390: individual income under £25,000 pa

We offer a 15% discount on the combined fees for couples.

Once a course has commenced refunds are not possible.

Family and Children's Fees

  • Each parent pays the fee appropriate to their own income – non-earners pay £290 - and all dependent children under 18 living at home learn FREE.
  • Children under 10 learn a technique specially suited to their stage of development. If not learning with their parents, the fee is 25% of the fee appropriate to the main parent or guardian. One parent is required to be practising Transcendental Meditation before their child learns, or to learn at the same time.

Tailor-made Courses & Group Rates

Please ask us to quote for private instruction, groups, and in-house courses for business and educational institutions.

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