Standard Fees

  • £590: individual income over £40,000 pa
  • £490: individual income over £25,000 pa
  • £390: individual income under £25,000 pa

We offer a 15% discount on the combined fees for couples.

Once a course has commenced refunds are not possible.

Family and Children's Fees

  • Each parent pays the fee appropriate to their own income – non-earners pay £290 - and all dependent children under 18 living at home learn FREE.
  • Children under 10 learn a technique specially suited to their stage of development. If not learning with their parents, the fee is 25% of the fee appropriate to the main parent or guardian. One parent is required to be practising Transcendental Meditation before their child learns, or to learn at the same time.

Asutused ja grupid

Palun helistage 58365183 kui soovite hinda grupile, või asutuse (äri/koolid) sisest kursust.

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